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SET2CYCLE – Bike Fitting

Cycling Assessment


The Bike Fitting Professional


At Set2Physio we provide Professional bike fitting assessments. The Set2Cycle assessment at Set2Physio is a combination of the Physiotherapy musculoskeletal assessment, real time feedback, cyclist goals and riding style. The Set2Physio assessment will give you the information required to help enhance your cycling experience. This could simply involve the introduction of a stretching/strengthening program or lead onto more targeted exercises.

The Bike Fitting Process

Maximise Performance & Improve Comfort

Every Set2Cycle bike fit is completed by a university qualified health professional and bike fitting is just one part of the assessment process. Jamie is a ConnectTherapy Series Graduate with an extensive knowledge in the assessment for non-optimal movement patterns and the potential adjustments to the cycling posture. Whether you are experiencing a niggling injury, looking to improve your cycling comfort or wanting to maximise your power output the Set2Cycle bike fit will deliver a lasting positive effect. At Set2Physio we are passionate about helping people enjoy their cycling experience and are equipped to work with all levels of cyclist from commuter to weekend mountain biker or road racer.

Biomechanics Analysis

Set2Cycle – Bike Fitting Services

Bike Fitting Service – Fundamentals

  • Duration is approximately 1hr
  • Postural screen – basic
  • Movement screen – basic
  • Recommendations regarding postural positioning and bike adjustments
  • Cost $120

Bike Fitting Service – Classic

  • Duration is approximately 2hrs
  • Sports Specific Musculoskeletal screening – BodyConnect System
  • Video analysis of ride position and identification of problem areas
  • Clients will receive a pre/post video identifying adjustments completed
  • Clients will receive pre/post bike measurements
  • Cost $240

  • There are no client testimonials included on the Set2Physio website.  This is in line with the advertising and ethical policies of the Australian Physiotherapy Registration Board (APHRA).
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